Friday, August 17, 2007

Contactdisc 1 - 5 (5LPs, Stichting Stopcontact, 1981-1987)

The summer never started and holidays are soon over. I am not sure if I have time every day to do a nice post in the future, so I decided to a massive post for today: all five volumes of Contact Disc. The idea behind these records was simple: you make music for this record and every band pays along, pro rata, for the pressing. Each band gets their share paid in finished records. The idea came from Plurex with their '7 to 17 on 33' 7 inch, and was later repeated by other Dutch labels. A goldmine for nice experimental music, short tracks and some great synthesizer pop.

Nr. 1 has Vovokai, The Haters, Act Of God, Venezie 5.55, Onnyk, De Fabriek, Dier, Doxa Sinistra, Infatuation, Andre De Koning, Stereoland, Hero Wouters & Willem Hagen, Duke Daylight & Count Sheep, Bart Terlaak & Hero Wouters, Enif Omnivorius, The Attic, Gerrit Hoekma, Vittore Baroni

Nr. 2 has Klang, Secreto Metro, Nicola Frangione, Smexmec, De Fabriek, Mark Lane, Unovidual, H. Wouters & W. Hagen, H. Wouters & R. Loots, Stereoland, Era Ora, Jack Art, CBM 64, The Lost Attic, Venezia

Nr. 3 has Tranquil Eyes, 5ive Ximes Of Dust, Mystic In Eye Flight, Mark Lane, Diseno Corbusier, Neel Holst & Hero Wouters, Metal Thought, L'Eponge Synthetique, Era Ora, Hirsche Nicht Auf's Sofa, The Lost Attic, De Fabriek

Nr. 4 has Tranquil Eyes, Figurants, Twilight Ritual, eM, Frozen Ducks, Panta Rhei, S.C.I., Mystic In Eye Flight, Kapotte Muziek, Vox Populi!, De Fabriek, The Bearcage, X ray Pop

Nr. 5 has Beatnik Love Affair, Frozen Ducks, Tranquil Eyes, Menko, The Paradox, S.C.I, Panta Rhei, X Ray Pop, BB Speedok, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Confused Parents, Hans Slock, Kapotte Muziek, Orduc, De Fabriek







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Curious Guy said...

I don't know if it's a massmirror problem but all links state 'files not found'. Anyone else has the same problem?

Ricardo said...

Yes, same for links available...

433 RPM said...

indeed i see the same problem. i check all uploads by downloading them myself, which i did here, all worked fine. i will repost them... in the next 24 hours they should be there.


Curious Guy said...

The links work now! Probably a massmirror thing.

433 RPM said...

oh great, and i just uploaded a bunch of new ones. argh..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great sounds. one thing: some of the tracks from contactdisk 2 won't play. might be the encoding.

433 RPM said...

yes, encoding probably

fobeeA said...

It seem as though Contactdisc 2 track 4 is you know where it is?

jovial said...

everyone mostly bitches. only one person says thanks. back in the day, even if someone from the netherlands was your pen-pal or someshit the chances of them owning, let alone dubbing five contactdisc comps that sound this good would be extremely unlikely. the second volume is missing track 2 & 4. 2 tracks out of like 75 songs. so what? be grateful. this is a total gift that i only recently discovered. thanks

ruud said...

Those who have the original Contactdiscs own true collectors items. They are out of stock already for many years. Now with the internet and powerfull computers making music, creating artwork and distributing the results is much easier then in the old days. I hope you enjoy the tracks now as much as we did back then when we mastered the records.

433 RPM said...

hoi ruud
als je nog oude tapes hebt dan wil ik ze graag voor je digitaliseren en op mijn blog zetten. contact:

bd said...

If anyone know any information about CBM64 included in vol.2??