Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rieg - Source (cassette, 1980)

There is a whole story about Rieg on Discogs and mentions various releases, none of which are actually listed on Discogs. 

"Geir Låstad. "Rieg" it's a if you will do read his a real name "Geir" back to front... Norwegian musician, composer, player and live performer, a producer and record artist in the Ambient, Electronic, New Age and Space Music genre. He started his musical career in 1979 in those early underground "old school" days of todays electronic music. In these years Rieg issued 3 cassettes ("Source", "Music for Wind" & "Voices") on own by his older Jarli brother's label Agitasjon. The two last of the early cassettes was later re-issued in 1998, as CD's from the original master tapes. Much later the CD " Return" was released in 2008. Rieg's latests CD " The Absynth Ritual" was released December 2010."

There are two tapes listed, I will post them both.

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