Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scissor Fits – Taut? Tense? Angular? And Other British Rail Sandwiches (7", Dubious Records, SJP 793, 1978)

link removed


ourpositionvanishes said...

Hey man

Link removed? Hope this means there's a reissue in the works! This is as rare as hen's teeth.

Thanks for all the hard work

433 RPM said...

apparently its on itunes in a few weeks

GraemeSTL said...

If you send a link to I won't tell anyone!

433 RPM said...

sorry, if you had done this right, simply send me an e-mail, it might have worked. but now it doesn't. too bad. i simply can't afford to do it, and then you sending a comment (yuk), saying thank you. now how silly would that be?