Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lucas Trouble - El Verolo / Miss Syphilis (7", Bain Total EP.004, 1980)


Maestro said...

Yesterday , I was searching for albums by ICL Label by Colin Potter.
Google led me to your blog and I really enjoyed albums here.
Thanks for all the great work.

Is there any chance that you just share a few more by this Label?

I need some more by Carl Matthews .

CAM - Quid Rides (1987)
Carl Matthews - Old & New (1988)

or by :Aspiration

The Zodiac Suite (1988)
Nuance (1988)

or these three by : River Of Dreams

Return Journey (1986)
Vision of Change (1988)
Sundown (1991)

I ought to mention that "Aspiration" and "CAM" are the aliases of Carl Matthews.

Thanks in advance.

433 RPM said...

amazing that you found me, amazing you can read at all. colin potter's label is called ICR. i don't have any of the titles you mention. you also request a re-up in an other comment. just exactly what didn't you understand of this: REPORT BROKEN LINKS THROUGH E-MAIL, NOT AS COMMENT. i'll re-up that, for now. i prefer comments to have interesting additional information, request like re-up or for material through e-mail.