Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Contortions - Buy (LP, Ze Records zea33-002, 1979)

"The Contortions were one of the most important -- and accessible -- bands in New York's short-lived No Wave movement, playing a noisy, clattering avant-funk that drew from punk and free jazz. The group was formed in 1977 by the flamboyantly dressed vocalist/saxophonist James Chance (born James Siegfried), also featuring guitarists Pat Place and Jody Harris, organist Adele Bertei, bassist George Scott, and drummer Don Christensen. The Contortions' live shows embodied the nihilistic ethos of No Wave, as Chance actively picked fights with the audience. The group contributed four tracks to the seminal Brian Eno-produced No Wave compilation No New York in 1978; the following year, Buy the Contortions marked their official album debut, by which time Chance was being billed ahead of the group name. Aside from a few live recordings, the original Contortions lineup didn't release much more material. Chance used most of the group for his funk/disco project James White & The Blacks (with the album Off White also appearing in 1979), and although he continued to lead versions of the Contortions through the early '80s, the original lineup split up in 1980. Place went on to join the acclaimed Bush Tetras, while Harris, Scott, and Christensen formed the Raybeats. [Steve Huey, All Music Guide]"

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litlgrey said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

Always loved (& therefore own all of) DNA, but my total exposure to James Chance ended with No New York. Tonight you have corrected that oversight. Thank you. Next stop: Mars!

433 RPM said...

you have to dig that out yourself, as i have no mars here (except venus & mars by wings, but let's not go there)

Laszlo said...

Snazzy! Thanks!