Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Abschied Aus Berne (LP, Wachsender Prozess wp 01, 1993)

I notice I have less and less time to write daily something, and in most cases I lack the knowledge about some of this obscure stuff, that I decided to post as of now only the title of the album and band and label and a picture and in the case of a compilation the featured bands, but no information. Besides: this is the internet, so if you want to know more: google away.

This compilation has Genickschuss, Asmus Tietchens, TBC, Umschopfung: Selenfleh, Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide, G. Reznicke, Y Ton G, Robert Klammer and Klangkrieg



Anonymous said...

Cover looks like a blurred out section of a Giger painting. :D

READ THIS FIRST... said...

I hear you about the time thing, but really truly appreciate all the music you post and the time that it takes to do so. I've discovered so much great music via your site. Agem?! C'mon! Awesome. Anyway, thanks and gracias and selah and all that.