Monday, August 4, 2008

John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of America - Strange Hippie Sex Carnival (LP, Musical Tragedies MT 083, 1987) plus two 7" singles

Has 433RPM complete gone mad? Absolutely not. I like to present music on my own blog that I personally like, and I might be the only person in the world who likes John Trubee, so be it. This somewhat strange musician who lead an avant-garde jazz/rock band (his own words from 'Cassette Mythos'), but also made tapes with atmospheric synthesizer tapes and prank phone calls. This LP 'Strange Hippie Sex Carnaval' is an absolute favorite of mine. I added two of his 7"s, including his infamous 'Blind Man's Penis' and a split 7" with Frank Zappa, part of Musical Tragedies saw blade 7"s. And more to come by him!



Anonymous said...

NO, no need to feel alone, you are indeed not the only person who likes him. But the download link is not active. ??????

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the d/l (hey, it worked fine for me!). I already own Blind Man's Penis (with the "instrumental dub" b-side) and The Communists Are Coming to Get Us LP, so these are welcome additions!


RevRev said...

This is wonderful stuff! Thanks so very much for turning me on to John Trubee. You have a stunning blog. Simply mind-blowing. Today I have heard more music that is new to me than I had listened to in the last month. Again, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am John Trubee. I am at PO Box 4921 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA. Tons more music is screaming to get out of my head and I currently lack the means ($$$$$) to barf it out for you.
I'm still waiting for my groupies and limos.
Please pray for me.
Peace out, bro--- John Trubee

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is great!