Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The last message was from 2014, and it was about a re-issue. Today it is also about a re-issue, even 2 of them, and both of them became recently available. I am sure Vinyl On Demand didn't discover Laibach through this blog, but perhaps they found out about the V2 cassette that was posted here. It was already part of the Laibach box they released before, but is now also available as a standalone LP, which is good news.
Better news, simply because it's more daring, is the LP re-issue of Ahoe Ahoea, a band from Nijmegen, which I would assume no-one would ever know or care about since it is such an unknown band, but the good people of Bunkerpop Records re-released this, even with some extra tracks on the Bandcamp site. This label also released Coitus Int's first 7", which we also posted before. It's great to see after all these years that there are still re-issues of the music we posted a long ago, for the first time. It revived the career of Das Ding, and saw re-issues of Odal, Hands To, XX Committee, Effenaar 7" (coming soon, I'm told) and many more. Over the years we have given advice on how to reach some of these old musicians, and it's good to see it leads to results. It's true love that never dies.

update 1/3/2017: Effenaar 7" is now available here