Monday, May 7, 2012

Various – Beyond The River (LP, Open Door Records OD 001, 1982)


Nick Allison said...

Nice post for a very neglected compilation in bloggersphere.

For more material from Reading area bands.Check out Die or DIY?

Nick (Dieordiy?)

433 RPM said...

i do check it out, everyday!

Nick Allison said...

Honoured indeed.And ,of course ,I check out NLFM most days also.

sweet-hooligan said...

Nice to see this LP getting a bit more airtime, it's rather a lost gem. The earlier X-Cassettes stuff (effectively the same label in earlier guise) is also very good (I have digital copies if you would like them?). The label went on to be Criminal Damage which was successful through to 1987.
Tim (Beating Hearts, Controls, Stupid Rabbit Tapes etc)