Monday, February 20, 2012

The Valves - Robot Love & For Adolfs' Only (7", Zoom Records ZUM 1, 1977)

I decided to continue like nothing happened. Read what it says on the right about re-upping. If people can help me re-up, please let me know and we'll figure out how you can help. If Mediafire closes then I will stop this blog.
removed by mediafire - no re-up


Dan said...

that's the spirit!

Jerry Orbach said...

Glad to see you're back.

Jorge Stretcher said...


Maximum Weirdness said...


Unknown said...

we really do appreciate the effort you make. thanks again, your blog is a little bright spot in my day quite often.

MIke Brandon said...

just wanted to say hi.. from NYC.

been following your blog ever since I pulled the Solid Space "Space Museum" cassette rip ; like 2 years ago.

awesome work. hope you continue to endure (with mediafire).

much peace!