Friday, January 6, 2012

Harry Bertoia – Unfolding / Sounds Beyond (LP, Sonambient F/W 1025, ??)


zander said...

Ian said...

Belated thanks for this and all the other Bertoia posted here. No Longer Forgotten indeed.

The border between "experimental" and "modern composition" is often blurred, and Bertoia seems to fall on both sides to my ear, at any given moment.


the saucer people said...

A working link! I lost the rips of his work I got from Holy Warbles so this is wonderful to hear the machinery of Otherness in action once more.

Opium Hum blog have posted a couple of his albums from 1980 here:

I am still hoping to track down a rip of Space Voyage / Echoes Of Other Times that you posted (the link you posted is no more) - if I manage to find a copy, I will obviously post a link in the comments post.

It is strange and wonderful that some of the 4Shared, MF and even the odd Deposit Files links are still alive - clearly the god blogs are still shining some light down on No Longer Forgotten Music!

Mutant Sounds have just started a radio show, so there is still hope that your and/or Dr Freakowitz will return one day!

PS Can anyone tell me if the good Doctor is the same Freakowitz who recorded for Trumpett in the early eighties? Or perhaps he or even she is releated as there can't be that many Freakowitz's in the world!

the saucer people said...

Just remembered, it wasn't Holy Warbles, it was Ubuweb where I got a collection of his rips from, including the Space Voyage/Echoes of Other Times album I was looking for:

433 RPM said...

we no longer communicate through comments on this blog. we don't return in anyway. and yes there is a connection between freakowitz and trumpett.