Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something Stirs (The Dead Mourn The Living) (LP, Adventures In Reality ARR 013, 1984)

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litlgrey said...

Yeyyy! My old, delightful friends put this out!

W. said...

This is a really good album - well produced, diverse and highly listenable.

Does anybody know of links to other recordings put out by Adventures In Reality?

Alan Rider said...

Hey there

I'm planning to re-issue back catalogue Adventures in Reality releases on CD/Download in 2012. Get in touch for further details Check out Discogs for a full list of past releases.

Alan Rider
Adventures in Reality Recordings

litlgrey said...

Ah HAH! There you are, you dirty old boy man boy man boy! Where have you been for the last seventeen hundred years, eh?

I'll bet you look older than The Cryptkeeper by now!

Alan Rider said...

Not as old as you though Carl!

Went to Martin Attrition's wedding a few weeks back. I'll send you the pix so you can see who's been bathing in virgins blood and who hasn't. The horror, the horror!

litlgrey said...

Just god damn ghastly. Honestly.