Thursday, March 10, 2011

Larry Eigner -Around New Sound Daily (tape, S Press 37, 1974)

Larry Eigner has lived almost his life in Swampscott on Massachusetts Bay's North Shore a few miles from where he got muscle incoordination at birth in 1927 - mostly he's been on top of the world and in a wheelchair, while it's a puzzle for one thing, enough is elusive and a lot comes within sight and hearing through glass and radio and TV. From many pieces he's written over a dozen books and booklets have been compiled. (linernotes) Crazy sound poetry!

For now the last tape I borrowed from EU records, but no its not the end of this blog.

From Eu Records



Psyence Guy said...

Very bizarre yet interesting!

James said...

Eigner actually lived in Berkeley a good portion of his life.