Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glad Corp (tape, ??)

A curious short tape from this band I never heard of. Two tracks are their own, and one is a cover of Polythene Pam from The Beatles. I think they are German. The music is quite nice, but hard to describe.

From Eu Records



Christopher Bowne said...

Wonderful tape!

Botto said...

According to their 7" Glad Corp hails from New Kent, VA (despite sounding like an even creepier Tanzdiele or Der Plan).

Scrypt said...

Glad Corp not only hailed from Virginia but shared a house/rehearsal room with other musicians and me on Gansvoort Street in New York City. The singer had a degree in philosophy and was more literate than anyone else in that already bookish household. We used to go out drinking and he gave me a copy of that very tape. Nice to see that someone's digitized it.