Monday, October 20, 2008

Memphis 10SC - Big Band (tape, BBB, 7c 262-60521, 19??)

Earlier this month I posted Idealistic Idiot 3 and it had a track by Memphis 10SC, one Björn J from Norway. Dr. Freakowitz just send me this rather short by nice cassette by Memphis 10SC, who also had a track on International Sound Communication, Volume Number Nine. Oterwise we both know nothing about him. The music is a curious mix of electronics and early big band jazz beats


(not for sale from 433rpm)


Anonymous said...

Amazing blog... one of my favourites for sure...
Is there any chance for uploading Vivenza's "Metallurgie" (if you have it, of course) and some more De Fabriek??

Thank you very much!!


433 RPM said...

metallurgie is on another blog, i forgot which one though. lots and lots more de fabriek coming soon


Medicijnman said...

The full name of the artist is Björn J. Magnmildöen and he did the music all alone according to the sleeve. The two tracks Be Bop and Big band appear on several compilations. Looks like he made two music pieces and then started to make remixes of them the rest of his musical career!

Oozlum said...

i love this tape!